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Hermetic Packages for Power Transistors, Circuits of Voltage Regulators, Power Diodes, Microwave Transistors

Hermetic SMD Package -94-2, -94-3


Surface Mount Type (SMD) transistor package is a rectangular package with contact pads on bottom of the package;
The hermetic SMD package consists of three terminal pads, a ceramic housing (HTCC), a seal ring, and a lid;
One Large & Two SmallerTerminal Pads (from Molybdenum-Copper) used to minimize the package thermal resistance;
A semiconductor die is soldered to a large terminal pad;
SMD packages have smaller size, lighter weight and low inductance in comparison to TO-type packages;The basic method of hermetic sealing - parallel seam welding; The SMDs find most of their use in higher power applications.
This SMD package is usedin military and space applications where product reliability is imperative

Typical Applications:

MOSFET device; cathode terminal for a rectifier
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